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    Bad Move!


    Although moving can be stressful, there are many things that we can do to make things a whole lot worse. Sometimes you need to recognize when a bad idea is just that: a bad idea. Here are some horrible things to do when you come to move.

    Looking for the cheapest transportation possible to move. Here’s a fact: sometimes when you want something done right, you gotta pay for it. Don’t just hire the cheapest van you can find or hire the cheapest moving company. Cheap vans and trucks break down and cheap moving companies often don’t have insurance, never arrive on time, and worst of all: they can rob you! Meet with your movers first before the move and discuss with them the details of your move beforehand. Choose credible companies that friends or family have tried before.

    If you don’t plan on hiring movers and would like to do it yourself then remember: safety first. Don’t just ask your friends to come and help you pack and move! You’ll end up throwing random things into boxes and you’ll never end up labeling anything properly. Good luck finding your phone charger in the middle of 25 unlabeled boxes all stacked up against the wall! If you’re going to ask your friends to move then make sure no one throws out their back, falls down the stairs, or tears a muscle. It’s the quickest and surest way to loose friends. Your moving day will come to a halt and you’ll spend the next 12 hours in the emergency room. Make sure you bend at the knees and make sure the weight of each box is proportional to the person carrying it. Otherwise your day that you thought would be a breeze will end up in disaster.

    If you’re simply going to load your friends’ cars with your stuff, then using string or tape to secure your boxes on top of the cars is a bad idea. Make sure you have heavy duty rope and make sure you don’t overload the car to save yourself multiple trips. A tiny car will not carry its weight in boxes, bags, or mattresses. Find a bigger car so your friend’s car doesn’t break down or get flipped off the road due to an unbalanced load. Don’t just assume your furniture will fit in the front seat. It’s the quickest way to break a window or side view mirror. Measure your furniture first and then make the decision about where everything is going to fit.

    Don’t move furniture without taking out what’s inside first. You may think that’s the best way to save on boxes. But moving your dresser that’s filled with your clothes, valuables, or anything else is a bad idea. It can triple the weight of the furniture and you’ll probably break and or lose a lot of your items. When you take apart your furniture, make sure all the nails and screws that go with it are placed into labeled bags. You don’t want to lose all your screws and end up with planks of wood at your house and no way to put them all back together again. Don’t try and move flammable items such as gasoline powered equipment without a professional being there. Don’t place such flammable items in the back of your friend’s car either. Moving day should not end up in flames.

    Don’t assume that you know how much you are going to move. We very rarely keep track of our actual stuff and we have a lot hidden away in drawers and closets. Be realistic and try to make smart decisions when it comes to moving day.

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