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    Easy Packing Tips


    When packing to move to a new house we always worry that something is going to get lost or broken. Is it possible to move successfully without any losses? Well here’s a few tips to make sure that you don’t lose any of your valuables while moving to your new home.

    Moving the kitchen is usually the biggest hassle of them all. Too many dishes, cups, knives, pots, and pans to pack. Start by packing your breakables first. Make sure not to break plates when putting them in boxes by stacking styrofoam plates in between them. This makes sure that the plates don’t slide off each other and crack or break. Buy cardboard separators for the boxes you pack the cups and mugs into. Wrap each item in newspaper and place each cup into the separators. Don’t take out your kitchen utensils from the utensil tray in the kitchen; instead simply place the whole tray with the utensils into the box. This will save you time in trying to organize them once more. The one fear i’ve always had when it came to packing the kitchen were the knives. They always have the habit of cutting through the boxes and hurting those that carry them. A great tip to avoid the unwanted injuries would be to place the knives into your oven mitts before packing them. When packing your pots, use the empty space to pack your miscellaneous items such as your spices, shakers, and smaller pans. Make sure you label each box properly. Don’t just write that the box is intended for the kitchen, but also write what’s in each box which will make unpacking much easier. It’ll also allow you to mark which box has fragile items for the movers.

    When packing clothes, try packing them in travel suitcases instead of boxes. Place any jewelry, perfume bottles, and such into your shoes to save space. Try separating your clothes into various sections to make unpacking easier. Place all dresses in one area or plants in another. Try minimizing the need for ironing again by laying out ironed clothes at the bottom of your suitcase to avoid wrinkles. Roll and stuff your underwear into the corners of your suitcase to save space. Use the suitcase belts to keep your items in place. Don’t pack glass items in your suitcase because there is a large chance they could break during the move.

    Remember not to pack heavy items with light items. Light items tend to roll around in the box while being moved and can crash into heavy items and break them. Use professional boxes only when moving. Cheap or used boxes break easily and will actually cost you more in the long run. Professional boxes might be more expensive, but they are durable and you don’t have to worry about your breakables. Make sure to use heavy duty packing tape. Tape boxes well on both the bottom and the top. If you’re packing each box properly and you’ve used the right kind of box, then there is no need to add tape to the edges of the box or the sides. Don’t use garbage bags when moving. They rip easily and can be mistook for garbage and thrown out during the commotion of the move. Make sure to create an inventory list of each box. Write down how many boxes there are and briefly what’s in each box. Number each box according to your list to make sure that you don’t lose or misplace any items along the way.

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