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    The ultimate moving checklist you need to have around when moving


    The thought of starting fresh in a new location can be very uplifting and exciting, but when you think about the entire moving process, you suddenly lose the enthusiasm and start experiencing headaches. Well, the good news is that you can get through this stress-free is you start in an early manner, do your best to stay organized, and use a checklist that will help you keep your mind on things. If you need an efficient checklist, just take a look below, because it will certainly help you endure the moving process easier.

    • Get started in an early manner

    You know why people panic and get stressed when moving? This happens when they think they have too much time just to realize that moving out is actually closer than they think and they are almost out of time. So, as soon as you know that you’ll be moving out, start planning the process. This way you’ll be sure that you won’t forget anything and take care of each detail in a relaxed manner.

    • Compose your checklist in a way that is easiest for you

    You can write down a checklist of the items you need to move based on rooms, on family members, or item type, like clothes, lighting, pet supplies, and so on. This is also among the first things you need to do once you know that you’ll be moving soon.

    • Keep an eye on how things evolve

    You should also start looking for moving and packing companies that will help you out with the process, so you can book the desired company exactly when you need it. Keep the info you get, like estimates for the moving trucks you need, expenses, and other factors that may influence your moving process in one single place, like an Excel file on your computer.

    • It is also time to put money aside to pay for your moving

    You probably don’t want to start your new life with debts due to the moving process. So, it is best to start saving money for this in an early manner, so you’ll be able to pay up quickly and get on with your life.

    • Check to see if some moving expenses can be deducted on your taxes

    Moving is not a cheap process and if you could some of these expenses into a tax credit, it will be more than welcome. For this, you should check the guideline released by the IRS concerning moving expenses.

    • Ask the doctors you need for new referrals

    It would be great to know who to call when you have a medical problem, regardless of its nature. So make sure you talk with your dentist, doctor, and even veterinarian, if you have a pet, to see if they can refer someone reliable at your new location.

    • Start getting the boxes you need to pack your things

    Getting the packing materials you need is another reason you should start planning your moving process as soon as possible. Instead of spending money on these, you can easily get them from stores and by talking with your friends, family, and neighbors, to see if they have any to spare. Not to mention that packing the little things takes longest, so do your best to avoid procrastination in this matter.

    • Notify your utility companies that they’ll have to stop providing utilities at your address

    It is worth knowing that utility companies like electricity, water, phone, and gas companies do require notifications in an early manner about the fact that you’re moving out and the request to cease providing utilities at your address. So you’d better take care of this before getting bills for something you didn’t use.

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