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    Tips for an Easy Move


    The process of moving is enough to make your skin crawl with anxiety and dread. Something always gets broken or lost and you always end up so exhausted that you lose your temper. Nothing seems to go right! Well here are some tips to try and make moving a bit easier on you and your family.

    To start off, make a plan. Get organized early and don’t leave everything till the last minute. You’ll probably have a few weeks before you decided on a moving day so take that time to make the process as smooth as possible. Create a countdown list that you need to do week by week and start boxing things up that you don’t use regularly (ie books, out of season clothes, furniture you can spare…). Make sure you label each of those boxes properly. Don’t only write the room each box is going to go to, but what is in the box as well (ex. Kitchen – knives, pots, and spices) so that you don’t find yourself rummaging through the boxes in anger trying to find that one thing you really need.

    Next you need to figure out your strategy. Will there be a large moving day? Or can your moving day be divided up into smaller days where things are moved over and unpacked a step at a time? Creating this strategy is going to be based on the availability of your new place, the construction that could be happening there, and more importantly what kind of family you have. Typically, with younger children, one large moving day is very stressful. Younger children can be overwhelmed and scared from such a drastic change that they want to cling to their parents at a time where parents need to be free for the move. If you can try moving over the course of a week and give the children to participate in the process of unpacking their room or choosing where everything can go in the new house. If you have to move it all in one day, then try and ask for the help of a grandparent or aunt that they children trust and enjoy spending time with in order to take care of them while you take care of the moving process.

    When packing don’t hold onto everything simply because you’ve had it forever or you’d feel too sentimental to throw it away. Take this opportunity to rid your life of clutter and items that you never use no matter how many time you swore you would. Give what you don’t need away or even given them away as presents. You’d be surprised how much we store that we don’t use. This way there would be less to move and you would take your opportunity to start fresh and clutter free. Try avoiding using garbage bags for your move. You don’t want your stuff being mistaken for trash!

    While you pack, make sure to take inventory of the boxes, bags, and furniture that would be making the move with you. Create a list of all the items you’ll be moving to make sure nothing gets lost along the way. No amount of detail is too little. Assign numbers and descriptions to each box and furniture piece to make sure to avoid that feeling that something is missing when you’re done unpacking. Make sure to protect your valuables! Keep jewelry and money close at hand or better yet leave them at a trusted friend or family member’s house till the move is over. Make sure to back up your files on your computer. You never know what could go wrong and you don’t want to lose your precious files and work along the way.

    Create a moving day kit for your first few days of the move. Make sure your kit has snacks, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, a marker, toilet paper, garbage bags, a change of clothes, and your toiletries such as your toothbrush, hairbrush, toothpaste, etc.

    Finally figure out who’s going to help you move. Are you going to hire movers or are your friends and family going to help? Either way make sure you are ready for them when they come and that you treat your movers! Order in pizza and cold drinks for a much needed break or at the end of the move especially if your friends and family are helping.

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